Investing In Our Future

Metroparks Toledo is asking for your support this November. Metroparks will continue delivering essential benefits by improving each and every park around the county and investing in our collective future.

Levy Investment

An investment in Metroparks will continue to support and maintain our parks at a level users have come to expect and enjoy. Annual park visits have increasedfrom 3.5M to an estimated 6M in just five short years. Additional funding will be used to revitalize and preserve a 5 mile stretch along the riverfront.

The new money levy is a 2 mil levy. The owner of a $100,000 home will pay an additional $70 a year.


The Ask

Over ten years.


The Investment

It will cost $70 per $100,000 home annually.

How Will We Use The Money

Vote Yes for Metroparks in November! Metroparks has a history of leveraging public funds to acquire grant funds that help stretch our dollars further. Additionally, every dollar Metroparks has invested in our community has a significant return on investment bringing more jobs and economic growth to our community.


Metroparks Match

Levy funds will be matched by an estimated $50M in grants, endowments and private giving.


A Historical ROI

Metroparkshas realized an average historical return of $10 forevery $1 invested.


Estimated Impact

Using this conservative factor, thetotal investment of $210M will generate an estimated $1B+ in local economic impact.


  • Is this a new levy or a renewal?

  • Why is this important now?


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