Metroparks continues to deliver on its promises through the responsible and strategic use of taxpayer funds. Today, you are only minutes from a Metropark anywhere in the Toledo area. A growing trail system is now connecting neighborhoods to parks, parks to parks, and people with nature.

Metroparks continually seeks to maximize the return on every dollar spent while remaining committed to its pillars of conservation, connectivity, and activation. It invests in public spaces where our residents connect with each other, practice healthy lifestyles, and learn and grow.




Fiscal Responsibility

Parks and open spaces are essential contributors to economic growth and prosperity. From outside investment and job creation to reimagining our regional image, Metroparks Toledo is helping build a sustainable pathway toward economic growth and prosperity for all. 

Metroparks has a successful record of leveraging public and private funds to bring home grant monies earmarked for parks and trails – money that would otherwise go to communities in other parts of Ohio or other states. Every dollar Metroparks has invested in our community has had a significant return on investment, bringing jobs and economic growth, including $59.5M in direct visitor spending each year. That doesn’t include the environmental benefits, like clean air, clean water, stormwater containment, and wildlife habitat valued at tens of millions of dollars more.

Conservation, Restoration, and Preservation

Metroparks is a national leader and award winner in the preservation and conservation of our most important natural assets. A minimum of 80% of over 13,000 acres that make up the Metroparks today are reserved for natural areas. Dollars generated from the levy replacement will continue to protect our vital forests, grasslands, rivers, wetlands, and Lake Erie.


Health and Wellness

There is nothing more important than maintaining a healthy mind and body. People turn to the outdoors to clear their minds, exercise, relieve stress, and reconnect with nature. Metroparks provide the perfect places for self-improvement and physical and mental health and wellness.

Metroparks Toledo has beautifully maintained Lucas County’s natural treasures for generations of residents to enjoy. In recent years, the park system’s many honors have helped to spread the word nationally about our region’s many attributes as a place to live, work, and play.

“In a model that should be replicated nationwide, Toledo has been able to achieve so much so fast with its parks system and riverfront because conservation, economic vitality, recreation, and human health all share top priority in the planning."

—Chadd Scott, a Florida-based travel and arts writer for Forbes.




Large Park System 2020


Parks Available 


Sustainable Future Ahead

Among dozens of state and national awards, Metroparks was the recipient of the prestigious National Gold Medal as the No. 1 large park system in America in 2020. Recently, Glass City Metropark received an Innovation Award for park design from the National Recreation and Park Association. The award recognizes park and recreation agencies that have "improved and strengthened their communities through innovative practices," according to an NRPA news release. But a more important measure of success is the millions of visits each year to the 19 Metroparks to recreate, relax, and reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of nature.

It is all the direct result of the generous taxpayer and private support that is critical to the sustainable future of our parks.


Replacement Levy

Metroparks will have a replacement issue on the November 5 ballot. A vote FOR the issue is crucial as it will ensure that your park system can continue to provide access to clean, safe, natural park experiences just minutes from any home in the county. Replacing the 10-year 1.4 mill levy will ensure that all the parks are maintained at the standard you have come to expect and enjoy. 

A Replacement Levy extends the terms and conditions of an expiring levy. However, unlike renewal levies, it considers present-day property valuation. The cost to a homeowner of a $100,000 home will be $49.00 a year, an increase of less than $1.00 a month.


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